Club Registration – Damaditu

Cannabis Club Rules

Please pay attention to the following rules:

  1. Don’t bring luggage
  2. Don’t leave anyone waiting outside (if you did, tell the receptionist to sort it out)
  3. Don’t exchange money with anyone near the club
  4. Don’t come in groups larger than 4 people
  5. Your membership card is NOT transferable

Failing to comply to any of these rules may result in the cancellation of your membership and permanent expulsion from the club.

Cannabis Inside the Club

You can possess and consume cannabis inside the club and at the privacy of your home (room).

Cannabis clubs DON’T “SELL CANNABIS”. Members of cannabis clubs can GET CANNABIS from the dispensary, but NEVER “BUY CANNABIS”. The use of financial words in connection with cannabis is considered drug trafficking which is a crime.

Cannabis Outside the Club

The possession of cannabis on the street is penalize with a heavy fine (€400 – €1,000). There is secret police everywhere on the street, parks and beach, so be responsible.

If you are caught exchanging money on the street in possession of cannabis you may be charged with drug trafficking and prosecuted as a criminal offender. So, please don’t be stupid.

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